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I love to bake. It's an artwork you can eat and it uses all of the senses. Happiness is to feel elastic dough, smell spices, hear the woosh of the burners in the oven and see a sparkly golden sugar crust. I'm staring to develop loads of fandom inspired recipes, so be sure to check those out. You can find non-fandom baked goods and other food under tags. I've also published a few articles about baking and a banana bread cookbook. Welcome to my kitchen! (The fantastic Cabin Pressure graphics were created by JohnFinnemoresSouvenirProgramme.) **Know that there are some social issues that are so important that I will reblog a few posts here. If you'd like to block those and only see the food my tag is "an important break from food blogging"


    Yes, these ARE Castiel-themed cupcakes. Sorry, but I am just in love with these shots. My photographer is so awesome. I just want to shower her with cupcakes instead of actual payment. 

    I told her I’d do her Wedding cake for free. As long as it’s either X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Nightmare before Christmas themed.

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    Adorable geeky aprons from Bambino Amore.

    Spotted thanks to Set to Stunning

    baby girl look!!

    O.O I see! I see! I want!!!!

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    ♪ She’s my cherry 3.14159265  

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